just a tuesday dinner

today was samgyubsal (aka pork belly), kimchi, and lettuce wrap dinner. along with gochujang (red chili paste) for flavor in the wraps and a sesame oil/salt and pepper dip for the meat.

oh and a bottle of soju duh!! (my favorite brand Chamilsu)
*just a lil fact: soju is usually paired when eating Korean meats such as pork belly*

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I can say that I’m pretty well accustomed to different types of ramen. Not that cup-a-noodle or ichiban brand crap, but real Japanese ramen…or the spicy Korean kimchi kind. I’ve only experience “real authentic” Japanese ramen at Himawari’s in San Mateo (ill do another post about that later) until I finally tried Katana-Ya on 430 Geary, SF. The first time I went I got the spicy tofu w/ kimchi ramen in miso flavor –with EXTRA CILANTRO =) 

Today, my friend and i tried the Katana-Ya special ramen in miso flavor. Are you ready to know what goes inside this? ……deep fried karage chicken, potstickers, corn, seaweed, green onions, tender beef, and bamboo shoots. 

We also ordered a 2nd dish: the katsu donburi w/ curry. I mean, how can you ever go wrong with Japanese curry? You can’t. The saltiness of the katsu pork pieces and the creaminess of the curry was like heaven in my mouth. 

Oh, and not to forget that their portions are HUGE. 
So, I just wanted to do a quick update on this place before I left the house. You really don’t even need to see any pictures. Just take my word and try the place someday…you won’t regret it.

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korean food never gets tiring…

So, recently I made a trip to Brother’s Korean BBQ [Hyung Jae Kalbi] on Geary Blvd. I’ve been here several times before since I was a little kid. My dad knows a lot of the Korean restaurant owners in the Bay Area and he told me a story about Brother’s. He knew the old owner who passed away because of age, and when the son took over…it wasn’t as good. But! I think the food’s still GREAT. My dad’s probably just a hard critic since he knows the food so well. But, Brother’s is definitely a prime Korean spot out in the city….you don’t wana miss.

if ya'll know how koreans eat, you know that side dishes are a mandatory must!



side of kalbi!

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In ‘n Out April Fool’s joke

haha! New York will never be able to taste the heavenly good taste of In ‘n Out!!! man, how can they live without the term “animal style” ?!

April fool’s joke about In ‘n Out in NYC

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Waffles from Scratch w/ Side Scramble

Hi All!

Today’s post is about most everyone’s favorite meal of the day, Breakfast. Today’s tutorial is about a meal you can eat in the morning for breakfast or even late at night. While I enjoy pancakes, I think I’m more of a waffle kinda girl. As a kid, I grew up eating Eggo waffles (don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat Eggo’s ’til I die), but I thought it’d be a mature step for me to try and make my own waffles from scratch. And in the end, I got what I wanted… a nice fluffy, big homemade waffle. 

I accompany them with a hearty vegetable scramble, which is filled with chunks of fresh tomatoes, onions, and green onions. 

Waffle Recipe from http://www.waffle-recipe.com

2 cups milk
1 tblspn melted butter
2 tsp sugar
2 eggs (yolk and whites will be separated- set the egg whites aside)

2 cups flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt

Scramble Ingredients

3 eggs
pinches of salt and pepper
(optional: pinch of thyme
                    chopped dry basil leaves
                    chopped green onions)

I also bought some of Safeway’s Hickory Smoked bacon…but this is up to you, if you want some meat on your plate. 

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I really hope you find this tutorial useful.

Love, Sharebear

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Spaghetti & Homemade Meatballs

Spaghetti is one of those hearty comfort foods that always make you feel like your at home with a huge family gathered around the dinner table……even when you’re actually sitting in front of the t.v. by yourself. 
Why not make the spaghetti, you know, with your own homemade meatballs? I thought I might as well know what’s going into my meat, since I will be eating them =)  (Note that I purposely don’t put any eggs in the meat mixture because I wanted my meatballs to have a soft, crumbly texture) The meatballs were  a slightly challenging experience, but nothing you can’t do. Enjoy!


1/2 box of dry spaghetti

any jar of spaghetti sauce (I used Prego’s Roasted Pepper and Garlic for this)

1 lb. ground beef

3/4 cup bread crumbs

1/2 cup chopped onions

pinch of thyme

pepper, salt

few leaves of cilantro (optional)

vegetable oil

Hope you enjoy this tutorial!

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Warm Easy Pasta

This is an extremely easy recipe. There’s no meat. Just carbs and veggies. If you want a light meal or a side salad to your protein…this is the perfect pasta dish. 

All ingredients can be increased or decreased depending on how much you want to make:

2 1/2 cups pasta (any)

vegetable oil

8 mushrooms

half a red bell pepper

few cilantro strands

salt, pepper

balsamic vinegar

red wine (optional)

chicken stock (optional)

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Enjoy! ❤ Sharebear

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